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Nicola Atkinson Does Fly & Carol Lambie

ART in Abbeyview

June 2007 - March 2008

SEE EYE EVENT in March 2007 was very successful with the whole team working well together and with other services. Abbeyview has a good reputation for pulling together and being so flexible. The articles in the press were excellent. Public Attendance – 270 people in total attended the See Eye event. The opinion meter results were varied but positive.


I feel it is important that I remain flexible in my engagement with the community, since the most interesting and dynamic element in art is taking risks and using unforeseen events to feed into the work.

I will develop the concept of Public Art in terms of the needs of Abbey view over the next year by using ‘ Tweed Street Tour’ , Clock People and R.A.D.A.R amongst my other activities. From this activity I will hope to create a self-sustaining Public Art project that the will perpetuate the interest and involvement of the community in art in the future starting with the Public Art Panel.

Karen Vaughan - International Women’s Day & Sew the Sofa – The sofa is now at the Regeneration Office, Eco House cover is ready and will be delivered shortly. Will lend one of the embroidery pieces for display at the Eco House and other places tbd within Abbey view.

Hanna Tulukki - Nest is being donated to the crèche. The work is being re-made in metal due to the fragile nature of the original paper form.

Carol Lambie – Dunfermline Reference Library has expressed interest in the documentation of the Ghost Lines drawing on Abbey view Library window.
Ben Spencer: The three yew trees, which were in ‘potent’, have been re-instated at Pittencrief Park.

Nicola Atkinson Does Fly 702 Dwellings/Casablanca: The piece has been given a permanent home in the Eco House Meeting room. There will now be 400 white cardboard paper homes created as a spin-off piece entitled 'Casablanca'. Jackie Powton wants to involve English classes at the High Schools in writing text for 'Casablanca' and we can open the involvement up to the wider community.


The SEE EYE events have highlighted the communities keenness to engage and be involved in art and this could be the perfect opportunity to further this.

Tweed Street (29th July - 30th Aug 2007)
The Tweed Street Tour focuses on D6/D5 bus route into Abbeyview from Dunfermline. As a starting point we asked the people who live on Tweed Street, this is one of the streets that line the route, to photograph the windows arrangements of the houses. The residents of Tweed Street were involved in the creation of the temporary artwork by Marisa Privitera. Nicola & Linsey Leitch installed the posters on streetlights all around Abbeyview advertising the Tweed Street Tour. Nicola, Marisa Privitera, Stuart Murdoch and Marisa's cousin, install the 40 images on the streetlights. The Abbeyview Council Local Service Centre's plasma screen also showed Tweed Street Tour images by Marisa Privitera to bring the project to the wider audience of the community who use the Centre.

Bird's Eye View & The Electric Box Pupils from Woodmill High School's higher music class worked on a new rendition of Stevie Jackson's song, "Bird's Eye View" into their music lessons in preparation for a live performance with Stevie. This version included a variety of different instruments to give the song a different feel than the original. These included some extra guitar parts, a bass guitar, violin, flute, percussion and a group of five singers instead of the original lone vocalist. On January 8, 2008, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles. Stevie Jackson played the two songs from Abbeyview, Bird Eye View & The Electric Box. The concert was Concrete Frequency: Songs of the City.

The Cabinet of Curiosities (ON TOUR) 8th Dec - 30th Jan: Fife Contemporary Art & Craft, 6th - 30th Sept: Whitemill High School & 25th - 30th August: 26 Bruce Street, Dunfermline
The Cabinet of Curiosities has been designed and built by carpenter Nick Millar, in collaboration with the SEE EYE team. Stevie Jackson, from Belle and Sebastian, gave a live performance of his two songs "Bird's Eye View" & "The Electric Box" that he composed for Abbeyview.

The Clock People comes from the idea that a public art piece should be useful, beautiful and be the central point for the people of the area, just like a telling the time. People attending these events will experience various ideas on the notion and definition of public art, with a chance to freely discuss their opinions. Each of the evenings’ discussions will determine the future of Public art in Abbeyview. The events promise to be an all round exciting experience, with a strong visual and audio backdrop to inspire and provoke opinion. All members of the community are welcome


Thurs 29th November @ 7pm
THEME: The Importance of Time.
Co-hosting the evening with Nicola with John Cavanagh, who for the last 15 years has worked for BBC Radio Scotland and the World Service/Radio International. He currently purveys twisted pop radio programmes to listeners in Latvia and New Zealand from a cellar in Pollokshields. Nicola has worked with Nick Fells on a soundscape about time. Nick is a composer, performer and sound artist. John read stories Passing places & Soul and Cell especially written for this gathering by Philip Miller ( see below) With a discussion about time, with Nicola and Alan Grieve, an artist from Abbeyview.


Thurs 17th January @ 7.30pm
THEME: What is Beautiful?
Nicola Atkinson Does Fly with co-host this event with Ben Spencer. To celebrate the life of Moira Shearer King who was famous for dancing in the film 'The Red Shoes' (1948) and was born in Dunfermline on 17 January 1926 then attended Dunfermline High School, Nicola will perform with Aby Vulliamy, a Musician based in Glasgow.


Thurs 28th Feb @ 7pm
THEME: Permanent vs. Temporary
Nicola Atkinson Does Fly will present a film by Luke Fowler created in Abbeyview

Thurs 13th March @ 7pm
THEME: Flowers vs. Portraits.
Nicola Atkinson Does Fly shall co-host with Clare Simpson, Senior Arts Development Officer for Culture and Sport, Glasgow and view Claire Barclay works created for Abbeyview. The open air locations will be directly involved in the inspiration and creation of the temporary artworkR.A.D.A.R. Random And Dynamic Art Risks. This is a series of artworks with the brief of organically using the unforeseen happenings and inspiration while experiencing Abbeyview to create pieces of work. Luke Fowler has made a film & interviewed people in Abbeyview and Nicola Atkinson Does Fly & Sophia Pankenier has created hand-dawn images of K & K Factors from Her fascination of the shop on her time in Abbeyview.

Quick Art (10th Oct 2007)_In collaboration with Nicola Atkinson Does Fly, Alan Grieve wrote his memories of the Abbeyview chip shop as a story on the pavement. Temporary public art is very effective in Abbeyview given that the immediate interaction of passers-by.

K & K Factors. (Feb - March 2008) The K&K Factors artwork developed out of Nicola Atkinson Does Fly and Sophia Pankenier shared fascination with the character, objects and stories crammed into the local Abbeyview hardware shop. Nicola engaged in discussion with the shop owners & people visiting it. The series of drawn products based on the pieces arranged for sale there. Sophia took the images away to document, explore, renew and subsequently install as another ´shop´ in New York. Nicola will installed her series of drawings in the hardware shop, selling them for the same price as the product. A limited edition of the book was created.

Art as Evidence' Book.
A selection of artists work who have worked in Abbeyview since January '0.Text by Daniel Jewesbury, Drawings by Nicola Atkinson Does Fly & Carol Lambie. Images from the artworks by Nicola Atkinson Does Fly, Claire Barclay, Luke Fowler, Sophia Pankenier & Marisa Privitera.

A Public Sculpture in Abbey view
The research, costing, best site and development of ideas to create a permanent piece a Public Sculpture in Abbey view.


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