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Chris Hladowski

Musician & Writer


Chris Hladowski is a musician living in Glasgow. He plays in Nalle, The Family Elan, and The One Ensemble, as well as numerous other projects. He is particularly interested in traditional lute styles from the near east, and enjoys playing with friends.


Contributions to I am a Dish 2005, Bring the Glam to East Kilbride 2006 & SEE EYE in Abbey View 2007.



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SEE EYE - Collaborative Interventions


Nadfly Quick Links ImageBring the Glam to East Kilbride


I am a Dish

Some esoteric thoughts on 11.11, musical stones and my favourite dish


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Nicola Atkinson.Davidson


Rachel Devine


Chris Hladowski


Aby Vulliamy


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Chris Hladowski



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