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Pilot Space New York, New York USA 2003

Medium :- Dvd, Video Monitor, Canvas, Wood, Hardware and Acrylic Paint.


Dimensions :- Various


With in CLEAR are a series of watercolours and paintings, which are part of an endless body of thought. Reflecting at first the straightforward and autonomous pleasures of mark making. The works record her personal events with strangely individual marks. Which are maybe the have the look of organic forms, bodily metaphors, images of the cosmos, order and disorder. Or could there be somewhat searching for a system release or freedom?


The DVD (7min) work the artist has become a quiet sponge, absorbing daily life experience. We see here the family unit working together to control of nature, our veil attend to be civilized. This endless weekend activity of clearing leaves from the driveway and garden path. Against the rhythmic sound of sweeping, a child plays self-consciously in the foreground. We see that she inhabits the magic place of a spring lamb, free from work and in the imagery world of freedom. Figures come and go, obscured by the architecture, this is a domestic scene on the very boundary between private and public in a scene reminiscent of the golden age of Dutch painting.


"Lives are depicted not within the home but at its membrane with the
Public world. Domestic behaviour becomes a performance enacted within apace that is private yet geared to public viewing, an advertisement that within this otherwise hidden household space, life proceeds according to agreed upon norms of property."


Elizabeth Anne Honig, The Space of Gender, in Frants, Looking at 17th Century Dutch Art, Cambridge 1997.


Moira J B Jeffrey Writer and broadcaster


Sponsors : - Darryl Romanoff, StudioHowe and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts


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Artwork from the Clear and Pilot Space gallery and installation.



Images from Close DVD.


Clear & Close DVDs

are available to buy through NADFLY distribution.


Michael Wilson

is a critic from London now based in New York


Download the pdf

Michael Wilson Clear essay.


Download the pdf

Michael Wilson Close essay.




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