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I am a Dish, Keswick, Cumbria

Everyone who participates will receive a badge to wear. By wearing them in the street a connection will be made with other badge wearers, an acknowledgment of both the existence of ' I AM DISH' and the choice of food, whether similar or not.

Martin Lawkester Chill Con Carne
Gilly Lankester Apple Pie
Scotty Lankester Sirloin Steak
Gill Brown Fish
Barry Colam Nasegureng
Cathy Colan Lasagne
Marie Pollard PUDD!!!
Russell Pollard Vine Toms
Karen Walton Fajitas
Heather Ashew Fruit Allsorts
Mark Askew Pepperoni Pizza

Anne Banner Lemon Meringue Pie
Dennis Banner Lemon Sole

P. Buttle Wensleydale Blue Cheese on Oatcake
Rod Evens Fillet Steak
Martin Pugmire Jelly
Virginia Sing Chocolate
Ken Robinson Gingerbread
Gill Frances Mashed Potato
Stuart Cresswell Borrowdale Trout
Mary Gay Pearson Avocado Pear & Cashew Nut
Bill Taylor Guillermo’s Pasta Sauce

Tina Smith Profiterole

Barbara Grass Tattie Pot
Marion Carisle Chicken Broth
Patti Houghton My Homemade Veg Lasagne
Julia Thompson Cumberland Sausage (close Hodgon Butchers)

Jamie Barnes Cumberland Sausage

Nicholas Graham Cumberland Sausage

John Shaw Keswick Policeman Cumberland Sausage
Roger Hiley Sweet Corn
Mike House Steak & Chips
Yvette Rawlinson Bag of Chips
Carolyn Little Friars Sweet Shop
Chrishire Bland Plum Loaf from Brysons
Mark Woodcroft Lamb Hot pot cooked slowly in the oven pickled red cabbage cooked by my wife Deborah
Domianic Clarke My Wife Homemade American Hot Pizza
Emily Thompson Cheese
John Campbell Campbell Curry
Linda Chapman Strawberry
Lee Chapman Banana
Jenny Stokes Wild Alaskan Salmon
Pat Stokes Wild Alaskan Salmon
John Walker Squid
Doreen Lee Shepherd Pie
Isabel Birkett Roast Beef
Peter Sidwell Marmite Sandwich
Fred Salvin Bacon Sandwich
Patric Gilchrist 'anything that's motor fuel'
Dorothy Bell Roast Beef
Kath Thompson Pavlova
Angela Eland Steak
Emma Cross Roast Chicken with Trimmings
Lisa Stoddet Choc. Cake
Paul Martin Spaghetti Carbonara
Peter Fox Thai Gang Masaman
Ian Tyler Egg Florentines & Rare Filler Steak


Badge by Kate Orrell



Some esoteric thoughts on 11.11, musical stones and my favourite dish by Chris Hladowski





Paisley and Furth, Glasgow and Nuremberg


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