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I am a Dish, Keswick, Cumbria

Everyone who participates will receive a badge to wear. By wearing them in the street a connection will be made with other badge wearers, an acknowledgment of both the existence of ' I AM DISH' and the choice of food, whether similar or not.


The Keswick School Students Fav Choice




John Addyman Easter Eggs
Emily Dowson Chocolate
Genna Forsyth Hot Dogs
Jane Garstang Strawberries
Aiden Greggain Chocolate
Tariq Halhoul Chocolate
Amy Hill Chocolate
Natalie Huddart Sweets
Jodie McKibbin Sweets
Alexander Milling Chocolate
Kelly Nelson Smarties
Kate Orrell Ice Cream
Catherine Steel Sweets
Alice Terry Chocolate
Alexandra Thompson Chocolate
Hannah Tyson Strawberries



Sophie Atherton Chocolate
Lewis Atkinson Hot Dogs
Georgia Barr Chocolate
Steven Bater Chocolate
Joseph Baxter Hot Dogs
Shaun Clark Chicken
Helen Cropper Smarties
Oliver Dunn Burgers
Rachel Eastes Chocolate
Rebecca Eelbeck Smarties
Lewis Forsyth Chicken
Sarah Green Hot Dogs
Daniel Grout Chocolate
Callum Harker Strawberries
Rachel Martin Chocolate
Samuel McDonald Fish
Abigail Moultrie Chocolate
Jade Redmond Fruit
Heli Seymour Strawberries
Stephanie Shaw Ice Cream
Laura Stephens Cakes
Daniel Stephenson Hot Dogs
Matthew Thomson Twix
Rebecca Veitch Revels
Thomas Wainwright Sweets
Maria Whyte Sweets



Sebastian Squires-Armstrong Sweets
Mark Barton Sweets
Shaun Brown Smarties
Andrew Cunningham Chicken and eggs
Daniel Davis Smarties
Esha Denwood Maltesers
Adam Goulding Aero
Oliver Gray Chocolate
Joseph Harrison Chocolate
Kathryn Holt Kit Kat
Faye Lister Sweets
Grant Little Chocolate
Jade McGlennon Smarties
Conor O’Fee Beef
Samuel Rowley Wine Gums
Samantha Scott Smarties
Ryan Sibley Sweets
Hayley Stephenson Chocolate
Ben Thwaites Sweets
Jacob Tonkin Jelly Babies
Katie-Louise Wire Chocolate
Catherine Woodcock Sweets
Tammy Lawson Maltesers
Annabelle May Wine Gums
Sarah Dickins Maltesers
Thomson Araine Aero
Rebecca Oliver Sweets
Nadene Gemson Sweets
Daniel Garty Sweets
Rebecca Smith Cherries
Hollie Stanger Chomp Bars
Kate Rae Maltesers
Kate Rae Kit Kat



Meg Archbold Burgers
Christopher Bull Fast Food and Chocolate
Emily Caine Fruit
Rob Carruthers Bananas
Alexander Chetwode Clarke Potatoes
William Crossley Chicken and Chips
Sarah Edmonson Sweets
Jordan Farquhar Potatoes
Leah Follet Cupcakes
Ashley Gargett Fry Up
Katrina Gargett Strawberries
Emma Graham Fish and Chips
Rebecca Hall Fruit
Ronny Ip Fruit
Ross Irving Tomatoes
Jordan Lewis-Skipper Biscuits
Demi Markham Apples
Katy Marsland Fruit
Debora Nicholson Sandwich
Matthew Orrison Organic Food
Sam Pagett Fruit
Jake Pallister Fish and Chips
Lewis Ryecroft Meat
Amber Shankland Sweets
Myles Taylor Chinese Food
Bethany Walkingshaw Burgers
Stacy Watson Sweets
Katie Price Wheat
Hayley Smith Bananas
Amanda Cartmell Starbursts
Emma Donaldson Sweets
Lucy Mikkelson Barron Eggs
Meghan Dowie Iced Buns



Jade Andrews Jelly Beans
Luke Bryden Duck
John Calvin Cooked Breakfast
Charlotte Chan Fish
Chelsea Davison Fruit
Bethany Falkous Sausages
Katie Frampton Ice Cream
Abby Gallacher Burgers
Laura Hind Sweets
Stuart Holden Eggs
William Houghton All Food
Charlotte Illman Ice Cream
Victoria Ireland Sweets
Jordan Kelly Burgers
Cain McNamara Burgers
Sam Morley Hot Dogs
Stephen Morris Cakes
Adam Pearson Burgers
Adam Rae Chicken
Megan Ranson Maltesers
Jaymie Ryan Burgers
Bonita Stuart Cakes
Holly Waller Hot Chocolate
Daniel Wilson Burgers



Harriet Ashbridge Starburst
Andrew Baxter Tomato Soup
Amy Caldwell Apples
Emily Carty Smarties
Benjamin Fidrmuc Sweets
Sophie Fisher Strawberries
Simon Grundy Crunchie
Bethan Horsburgh Smarties
Rebecca Hughes Starburst
Conor Johnson Chocolate
Amy Messenger Aero
Daniel Middleton Dairy Milk
Richard Palmer Apples
Benjamin Rothwell Sweets
Jay Skillen Spaghetti
John Wilson Twirl



Badge by Kate Orrell


Keswick People Choice




I am a Dish


Some esoteric thoughts on 11.11, musical stones and my favourite dish by Chris Hladowski


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