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Dr Manfred J Holler

Professor at the Institute of SocioEconomics, University of Hamburg, IAW


Selection of cultural activities:

Teaches courses on “Modern art and the market” at the University of Hamburg on a regular basis.

Lectured on Cultural Economics at the University of Catania, Universitá Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, University of Bath, University of Liverpool, University of Bergamo and University of Helsinki.

Organized ARTS&Games festivals at Copenhagen, Berlin and Pirna (Dresden).

Writes and publishes on ARTS&Games. He is founding editor of the European Journal of Politrical Economy (published by Springer-Kluwer) and the Homo Oeconomicus (Published by ACCEDO-Verlag) and serves as editor on the board of several journals.

Acted one year as NESTA mentor to Nicola Atkinson Davidson in 2002.


List of publications (2001 onwards)


Books and Edited Volumes:


Holler, M.J. and Guillermo Owen (eds.), Power Indices and Coalition Formation, Boston, Dordrecht, and London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001, 386 pages.
Holler, M.J., H. Kliemt, D. Schmidt-chen and M. Streit (eds.), Power and Fairness (Jahrbuch für Neue Politische Ökonomie, Vol. 20), Tübingen, Mohr-Siebeck, 2002, 356 pages.
Holler, M.J., "Nicola Atkinson-Griffith’s 'Secrets of the World'”, introduced and edited, in Homo Oeconomicus 18, München: Accedo Verlag, 2002, 32 pages.
Holler, M.J. (ed.), Scandal and Its Theory II (Homo Oeconomicus 19), München, Accedo-Verlag, 2002, 122 pages.
Holler, M.J. and Gullermo Owen (eds.), Power Measures II (Homo Oeconomicus 19), München, Accedo Verlag, 2002, 170 pages.
Holler, M.J. and Gerhard Illing, Einführung in die Spieltheorie (5th revised edition), Heidelberg et al., Springer-Verlag, 2003, 424 pages.


Journal Articles:


Holler, M.J., "Myths and Meanings of Voting Power", Journal of Theoretical Politics, 13, 2001, 107-110.
Holler, M.J., Rie Ono and Frank Steffen, ”Constrained Monotonicity and the Measurement of Power”, Theory and Decision 50, 2001, 385-397.
Holler, M.J. and M. Desai, ”Why Capital Hires Labor and Why Labour Does Not Hire Capital”, Homo Oeconomicus 18, 2002, 429-436.
Holler, M.J., ”Classical, Modern and New Game Theory”, Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 222, 2002, 556-583.
Holler, M.J. and G. Owen, "On the Present and Future of Power Measures", Homo Oeconomicus 19, 2002, 281-295; republished as “Present and Future of Power Measures”, in J. Kacprzyk and D. Wagner (eds.) Group Decisions and Voting, Warsaw, Academicka Oficyna Wydawnicza, 2003, 31-46.
Holler, M.J. and Ines Lindner, “Mediation as Signal”, European Journal of Law and Economics, 17, 2004, 165-173.
Holler, M.J. and Stefan Napel, “Local Monotonicity of Power: Axiom or Just a Property”, Quality and Quantity, 38, 2004, 637-647.
Holler, M.J. and Stefan Napel, ”Monotonicity of Power and Power Measures”, Theory and Decision, 56, 2004, 93-111.
Holler, M.J. and Matthew Braham (2005), “The Impossibility of a Preference-based Power Index”, Journal of Theoretical Politics, 17, 2005, 137-157.
Holler, M.J. and Peter Skott, “The Importance of Setting the Agenda“, Public Choice (in print).


Contributions to Edited Volumes:


Holler, M.J., ”Fairness, Power and Their Relationship”, in: F. Bolle and M. Carlberg (eds.), Advances in Behavioral Economics. Essays in Honor of Horst Todt, Heidelberg and New York: Physica-Verlag, 2001, 39-64.
Holler, M.J. and Guillermo Owen, ”Why Power Indices and Coalition Formation?”, in: M.J. Holler and G. Owen (eds.), Power Indices and Coalition Formation, Boston, Dordrecht, and London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001, 1-13.
Holler, M.J., "Gewinne, Beschäftigungsabbau und Wettbewerbsrecht. Eine Ökonomische Analyse", in: C. Ott und H.-B. Schäfer (Hrsg.), Beiträge zum VII. Travemünder Symposium zur ökonomischen Analyse des Rechts (22.-25. März 2000), 2001, 191-207.
Holler, M.J. and Stefan Napel, ”On Interpersonal Comparison of Value”, in: K. Nevalainen (ed.), Justice, Charity, and the Welfare State, Helsinki: Philosophica Fennica, 2001, 119-138.
Holler, M.J., ”On Power and Fairness and Their Relationship: An Introductory Chapter”, in: M.J. Holler, H. Kliemt, D. Schmidt-chen und M. Streit (eds.), Power and Fairness, Jahrbuch für Neue Politische Ökonomie, Vol. 20, Tübingen, Mohr-Siebeck, 2002, 1-27.
Holler, M.J., “Artists, Secrets, and CIA’s Cultural Policy,” in: B. Priddat and H. Hegmann (eds.), Finanzpolitik in der Informationsgesellschaft. Festschrift für Gunther Engelhardt, Marburg: Metropolis-Verlag, 2002, 177-198..
Holler, M.J. and Stefan Napel, “A Pragmatic Interpretation of Ken Binmore’s Theory of Justice”, in: V. Kanniainen and Matti Sintonen (eds.), Etiika ja Talous, Helsinki: WSOY, 2003, 177-198.
Holler, M.J., “Coalitions and Power Indices”, in: C.K. Rowley and F. Schneider (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Public Choice, Vol. II, Dordrecht, Kluwer, 2004, 78-83.
Holler, M.J., “How to Sell Power Indices”, in: M. Wiberg (ed.), Reasoned Choices, Essays in Honor of Academy Professor Hannu Nurmi on the occasion of of his 60th birthday, Digipaino, Turku, 2004, 161-187.
Holler, M.J., “George Orwell and His Cold Wars: Truth and Politics”, in: J.-M. Josselin and A. Marciano (eds.), Law and the State: A Political Economy Approach, Cheltenham: Edward Elger, 2005 (in print).





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NADFLY NESTA Fellowship Mentor 2002


Secrets of the World

Angel's Gate installation


Dr Manfred J. Holler

Secrets of the World

Introduced and Edited


Secrets of the World publication is available to buy through ACCEDO distribution.


Dr Manfred J. Holler three essays as pdf.

1.The ‘Secrets of the World’ Dr Manfred J. Holler Introduced and Edited

2.Re-defining Arts, Readymades and Secrets’ Dr Manfred J. Holler


3.Artists, Secrets, and CIA’s Cultural Policy .













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