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P.I.E.S Pearce Institute Exhibition Spaces

Govan Glasgow Scotland 1996 - 97

Medium :- Various


Dimensions :- Within the building.


A formal programme of exhibitions was begun with the formation of P.I.E.S. in early 1996 by Nicola Atkinson.Griffith (later Atkinson.Davidson) acting as the curator. There was a general feeling that the building, as a constantly active scene of diverse activities, would be an interesting place for artist to show work. It was also recognised that it is not an easy place to work due to its ceaseless use.


Here are the follow artists, which were up to the challenge.


Peter Gilmour, Anne Elliot, Karen Vaughan, Theresa Quinn, Tom Leonard, Gerry Loose, Kathy Galloway, David Shrigley, Donald Judd, Lucy Byatt, Christina McBride, Shauna Cubin, Theo Sims, Alan Corral, Margaret Arch bold, Tanya Leighton, Mary Redmond, Dane Chappell, Iain Kettles, Susie Hunter, Mary McIntyre and Mark Orange


Sponsors :- Scottish Art Council, Govan Initiative, Glasgow City Arts Development Fund, The Fringe Gallery, The Art and Cultural Development Office South East Area, Tramway, Street Level Gallery. Transmission, Kavaerner, Govan, Thomas L. Ross Solicitor, Tuscanvivi fine wines, Murgatroyd & Company, C.P. Supplies Limited, Clairmont Co, Textura Co, California Cake and Cookie Co, Hi-Fi Corner, Mission Control, Dependable TV Services, Body Shop Ltd, The Packing Company, Co-operative Funeral Services, Strathclyde Buses Co and Timbmet Woyka


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Tom Leonard, David Shrigley and Karen Vaughan



Images from the project


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